Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Performance and lack of roaming makes deployment difficult

There has been significant discussions on the Notes Client's performance in the Blog-o-sphere over the last couple of days.

Once the client is up and running it works fine on modern hardware. The new Notes 8 standard mail client (mail8.ntf) is on the slow side but I'm sure IBM is going to address this in 8.5.

Client startup times are a significant issue on older hardware, and I think it's going to be a major reason for people going with the basic client.

The other major show stopper is the lack of roaming (to be fixed in 8.5). Without it I know of no enterprise customers that could deploy the client in standard mode.

I guess we will have to wait until 8.5. Then we can let this baby out of the bag.

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Mark Dowling said...

what annoys me is that when I have brought this up at meetings with IBMers I have gotten shrugs and "haven't heard that"

IBM always tout the "extra" features obtained in N8S over N8B but rarely if ever note the "regression" as I would call it in this case.