Friday, June 28, 2024

How to find all documents affected by a missing or corrupt NLO file

In this example of our new DAOS Search feature, we're showing how you can use it to locate all documents affected by a missing or corrupt NLO file.

The NLO file in this example is 0C518B762B6572F96C7933F22297D1B36C0E29F80004DD66.NLO

The search detects that it's used in a single database, and it is attached to 99 documents. 

Now impacting 99 documents may be a concern, but by checking on the doclinks provided (which is not shown in this video), we could see that the actual attachment related to a personal project and had no business impact.

If the search showed the attachment had business value, the administrator might want to go to the effort of chasing up a backup or using the new DAOS repair feature of Domino 14

Here is the video

Simple and quick. Nice. 

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