Friday, April 12, 2013

Make sure you get the most out of your Notes 9 client upgrade from the start (part 2)

In our previous post on the subject we highlighted the fragmentation introduced during our client upgrade and how Defrag.NSF for Notes removed that fragmentation automatically when we started the Notes Client.

As a result of that post we received some questions, here are some topics/questions that people were interested in knowing more about.

Q. So what does "Defrag.NSF for Notes" do?
A. Defrag.NSF for Notes defrags only the files related to the Notes client (Program and Data files) in order to (automatically) remove fragmentation as a limiting factor in the Notes Client performance and it seamlessly maintains the Notes related files back to this defragged state each time the user starts up Notes.

Q. Does it do a better job than Windows defragger?   
A. The job our tool performs is to Defrag and maintain the Notes related files each time Notes is started up, does it do this better than the Windows Utility?  Yes! the Windows Defrag Utility does not perform this function, it is limited to defragging an entire volume or disk, this may take hours, it is not useful for targeting specific files associated with an application to defrag them.

Q. Why would I want to use Defrag.NSF for Notes?
A. Well, there's the following:
  • You don't have to defrag an entire volume, usually this takes hours and will affect users ability to perform their work. Defrag.NSF for Notes targets the Notes related files.
  • You can maximise the Notes client performance by removing fragmentation so that it never becomes an issue for Notes performance. This happens automatically and seamlessly each time the Notes client is started, without having to defrag the entire drive, or affecting the user's ability to perform work. Every new Notes session starts with nicely defragged files.
  • Who wants to be scheduling and running the Windows defrag utility (or any other one) on user's workstations as regularly as you would need to to compete with Defrag.NSF for Notes? Nobody.
  • All workstation Notes users benefit from the speed, intelligence and efficiency of the "Built for Domino" defrag engine we use in Defrag.NSF for Notes, it's the same as used in our Defrag.NSF server product. Why is that useful? Read the next point.
  • Laptop users with large local replicas of their Notes mail file leverage the speed and efficiency of our "built for Domino" defrag engine as large local replicas are defragged in lightning quick time. It is not unusual on a Domino server to encounter highly fragmented, constantly changing, multi Gig files (30+GB), as a rule files of that size are quite uncommon outside of Domino, but Defrag.NSF is designed to handle these and Defrag.NSF for Notes leverages this technology for the client. In comparison, the Windows defrag program, is extremely slow and inefficient at dealing with these files.
  • Large local replicas often have large Full Text Indexes associated with them, these indexes live in your Notes Data directory and when updated they create a lot of fragmentation. When a contiguous index file is updated it becomes scattered into fragments within the Data directory, this of course also creates new opportunities for fragmentation of your nsf files and other files that happen share the Data directory. Defrag.NSF for Notes reigns in this fragmentation at the start of each Notes session, preventing it from getting further out of control.
  • You want the best from Notes but you don't want to know about this fragmentation stuff! - Perfect! The Notes user does not need to do anything, or know anything about defragging, it just happens, clean, fast and invisible to the user and convenient for the admins.

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