Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to do quick System Drive maintenance for your Domino Server

How to do quick System (C:\) drive maintenance for your Domino server. Everything running on NTFS runs better when the System drive is in top shape, including the Domino Server application. You can perform the following even when Domino is up and running without any noticeable impact on the server or users, due to the unique manner in which Defrag.NSF utilises it's custom built defragging engines.

Create a Freespace Report to get an idea of the shape of things.

Open the new report and we can see the System (C:\) drive needs a little TLC.

Click the Defrag Freespace button.

Select the "C" Drive and Submit.

Away we go in Fast Mode.

And we're done!

Now run another Freespace Report and see the System drive is looking a lot better.

This simple process will help your entire Operating System to run more efficiently as well as Domino and other applications running on it.

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