Monday, August 13, 2012

How to add a single button to speed up inbox processing by XXX%

Notes has a fantastic hidden feature called “Remove from folder".

As the name suggests, it removes the document from the folder but it is still available in the All Documents view.

This is a very simple concept, yet an amazingly quick and powerful way to keep information while striving for an empty inbox.

This tip shows you how to create a button on the inbox toolbar to make this action a simple click away. (It uses the 'Do not enter' icon, but you can obviously create your own)

- Open the Domino mail template of your choice in the Domino Designer.

- Go to the folders view and open ($inbox) folder

- Right mouse button click on the forward action on the right, and select  Create Action

 Fill in the screen with the following

Select the Hide when tab and enter

 In the formula window enter

- Now save the changes.

Apply this template to your mail file. You will now have the new "Remove from folder" button. Simply select a mail item you want to keep but get out of your mail file and boom, it is gone.

Now you can determine the value of XXX. For me it is about 200% quicker.

Having a small inbox takes a significant load off a Domino server. It also makes your client more responsive. To further optimise client performance you should look at using Defrag.NSF for Notes. A free component of the Defrag.NSF solution.

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Darren Duke said...

Or you could just use the "mail inbox maintenance" policy setting available in mail policies.

Does the almost the same thing, except automatically.

Anonymous said...

Hate it. This doesn't remove the problem, it just hides it. Domino inbox maintenance is just as bad. Not only that, once the message is removed from the inbox, there is no way of viewing those that aren't in any folders. Terrible for mailbox maintenance. See this article for a better solution:

Adam Osborne said...

Hi David, fair enough.

I think it depends on what the problem is you are trying to solve. This solution is pitched at those that are trying to keep their inbox under control.

Where I work, we have an email compliance solution (, Mail is safely deleted by an automatic agent after a given period of time. This controls the size of the mail file.

Two different problems, two different solutions.


Adam Osborne said...

Hi Darren,

Great suggestion and we use that as well. It is the "belt and braces approach" to this particular issue.


Adam Osborne said...

A couple of other things:

- the email is still in the All Documents view and easy to find.

- Remember small inbox = more responsive Domino Server

- IBM research shows using folders aren't a good way to manage email

- Our Vault product also has a stubber (think DAOS for email) check it out

NotesSensei said...

I use the DEL key. Not hording anymore :-)
Variation of your suggestion: it is a little further off with the mouse, but survives design refresh: put it in a smart icon.