Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Great Defrag trade-in has been extended

We are pleased to announce we will be extending our Defrag.NSF Trade-in offer for another month. 

Wow..... So far we have a 100% trade-up rate, and on reflection of the various "trade-ins" we must say we are totally surprised at how many Domino administrators have taken to using various unsupported defragging "Poor Man's" solutions on their Organisation's production Domino servers!!!

If this is what you are doing, please take to look at Defrag.NSF, invest just $50 from your IT budget into the performance of your Domino Servers and Backups and trade-up to Defrag.NSF, a fully supported, full function, integrated Domino utility.

Don't be misled by the imitators -  this is the real deal. A fully supported, full function product for $50.

Register for a copy of Defrag.NSF put it through it's paces for a month, compare it to what you are using, the $50 Trade-In offer is literally a No-Brainer!


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