Monday, November 14, 2011

It is getting very crowded in Domino 32bit

Each release of Domino adds new and exciting features, which reminds me if this graphic

But a side-effect of this is that the memory space on 32bit Domino is getting more and more crowded and the amount of shared memory Domino is pushing into all the different Domino tasks continues to grow.

When memory gets tight, we've seen situations (particularly in FP2 and FP3 of Domino 8.5.2) where Domino no longer plays nice and sometimes tasks can be terminated even if idle.

With Defrag.NSF 2.09 we've moved all Defragmenation tasks into a separate process space to ensure that memory crowding (for us at least) will no longer be an issue. It also appears to have a slight performance benefit... very nice.

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