Thursday, September 15, 2011

Using Defrag.NSF to defrag the other drives on your server (not just the .nsf files)

Defrag.NSF allows you to target and schedule other drives on your Server for defragging maintenance while Domino is running. (All done while still working in the familiar Notes interface)

As an example, on a newly built server with Defrag.NSF installed, using our "Freespace Report" tool we can generate a report that will show the current fragmentation state of the freespace on all the drives on the server.

We open the report and we decide to target the C:\ drive for a one-time defrag. (Our Domino data is on D:\ so it will be looked after with the normal Defrag.NSF schedule)

On the Freespace Defragmentation tab we can easily schedule the maintenance at a suitable time, choose the C drive and just run this one time in "Thorough" mode.

Tip: - To get an explanation of what the setting on each tab mean just click on "what's this?"

Later on the console we see the maintenance on the C:\ drive begins at the scheduled time. (we set debug logging to show detailed output)..

And the completion.

A new Freespace Report shows the improved results. (this all occurs while Domino is still happily up and running).

Cross-checking the status of the C:\ drive in Windows and it agrees we did a pretty good job!!

So there you have it, another great use for Defrag.NSF, all achieved from within Notes and without shutting down Domino. For more information go to Defrag.NSF


Chuck Hauble said...

Hey Adam.. Can I use it to defrag the ftindex files on the same drive as my NSFs?

Adam Osborne said...

Hi Chuck,

If the NSF is getting defragged and it has an full text index then all the files associated with the FT will also get defragged.