Thursday, December 7, 2023

It's never been easier to spot problems and optimize Full-text Indexes

It's never been this easy to get your Domino Full-text Indexes optimized. This makes a huge difference to the performance of FTI search and response, not to mention massive storage space gains and a huge load off the Update task's resource demands.

It is easy to spot an index that hasn't been built with good attachment options selected. (Many servers will have LOTS of these), here's a real-world customer example:

Schedule an optimized rebuild for a suitable time:

Bingo! The Domino Optimizer has done its magic and the result is now a more responsive searchable index, much less resource usage with less workload for Updall to do in the future and significant storage space saved (Reduced from 233 MB down to 36 MB in this case)

Why not get on top of issues like this now? Domino will love you for it, end users performing searches will love you, save everything else The Domino Optimizer can help with, it's all WIN!

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