Monday, September 4, 2023

Information about HCL Domino 11.0.1 FP8 has been added to our Security Check Application.

We are excited to announce that our proprietary security check application has now been updated to include details of HCL recently released 11.0.1 FP8 update.

As you may know, running old and outdated software can pose a significant cybersecurity risk, as older software versions may contain known vulnerabilities and security weaknesses that cyber attackers can exploit. Our security check application's primary role is to mitigate this risk by making you aware of what you might be missing. 

How does it work?

Simply visit our application link here, input your Domino server details, and our updated application will check for patches and security fixes. It will then provide a report, indicating which security fixes your current version of Domino is missing.

This security check is built into our Domino Opimizer solution. 

The Domino Optimizer is the culmination of over a decade of optimization work. The product serves as an ultimate 'set and forget' utility for Domino, offering an intuitive user interface for user-friendly operations. The Domino Optimizer is essentially an evolved version of the Defrag. NSF+ utility and encompasses all its key features. Offering a year's license for $US 150 per server, it aims to facilitate superior optimization processes economically. Free trial options are available for users willing to explore its features before committing to the full version. Check it out here.

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