Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Would you like to streamline your server's Domino database maintenance ?

Would you like to streamline your server's Domino database maintenance, utilising an automated, seamless multi-process workflow that can be scheduled from a one-stop control panel? 

Too much to ask? 

Nope! That's exactly what the Domino Optimizer gives you when it runs it's scheduled maintenance. The following maintenance all happen in an automated and sequenced flow.

Control when the database maintenance occurs, what happens and when, via a daily scheduler. 

1. Enable Document Compression

2.  Enable LZ1 Compression

3. Enable Design Compression

4. Ignore Overwrite Freespace 

5. DAOS enable databases based on Template or Directory Path

6. Implement DAOS attachment separation

7. Automatically monitor DAOS synchronization 

8. Pull the views from the database 

9. Update views

10. Reorganize folders

11. Merge full-text indexes

12. Purge deletion stubs

13. Expire soft deleted entries

14.  Update unread lists

15. Ensure that critical views are created for failover 

16 .Compact the databases

17. Update the ODS if required

18. Defragment the databases using Defrag.NSF, the World's Best built for Domino defrag engine

19. Backup the databases with your choice of options 

20. Provide an on-demand Health Report 

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