Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Getting more visibility into what DBMT is doing

An extremely infuriating feature of the Updall feature of DBMT is how it ignores time limits and happily continues processing, updating views and full text indexes, until it finishes. Only then does DBMT shut down and complete.

Recently, we've seen DBMT overrun its maintenance window by hours, and we had no clue why.

We found a way to get some visibility into what's going on by adding the notes.ini line, log_update=2. Now, when DBMT updates views and Full Text Indexes, information is logged on the console.

In one particular case we were working on, we could see hours of maintenance being spent updating a nearly static Full Text Index. We recreated the index, and bingo! Many hours of DBMT processing were saved.

Maybe this hint will help you too.

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Steven Vaughan said...

Thank you - that's a very helpful tip