Monday, May 17, 2021

Solutions to the issue of using .ind files to compact

A recent blog contained an article discussing a bug in Compact where it does not correctly process file names or directories that have spaces in them.

Two immediate solutions come to mind:.

1 - If it is something you do infrequently or want to do it on a manual basis, just use DBMT. It will process .ind files correctly.

2 - If you want an automatic solution, that updates ODS levels,  DAOS enables database based on template name, and can do any number of other admin tasks, take a look at Defrag.NSF+ Just set and forget.

Many other Cool feaures ->

Domino 12 Updating ODS ->

Automatic DAOS and ODS upgrade on large database at customer site ->

For more information on Defrag.NSF+ click here

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