Tuesday, August 18, 2020

11.0.1 FP1 removed Domino's JVM

On Friday we tried to apply FP1 to one of our HCL 11.0.1 Domino servers (This server runs the latest versions of  HCL Traveler and HCL Verse) and it broke the JVM (ie. large parts of the JVM were missing).

The only way to fix this seemed to be to re-run FP1 to revert the server back to 11.0.1 and then replace the now corrupted JVM folder with a JVM folder taken from another 11.0.1 that had not been modified by the application of FP1. 

Has anyone else experience this when applying the latest 11.0.1 FP1?

Server starting after application of FP1:

 The JVM exception soon appears:

 After removing FP1 to revert the server back to 11.0.1 and swapping out the now corrupted JVM folder with one taken from an unpatched 11.0.1 server.

 JVM loads and runs normally again:

Has this issue affected anyone else?


Unknown said...

It would be interesting to know if the FP1 installer stated that the installation was executed successfully or not.

Adam Osborne said...

The installer said it was successful. The first we knew there was a problem was on server restart.

lagrje said...

Had a similar issue when upgrading from 10.0.1 FP2 to 11.0.1. The installation went smoothly ie. no errors reported. Yet the Domino service wouldn't start. I managed to start the server as an application (done as a test), but it only ran for approx. 5 min. and crashed as the first HTTP jvm agent started.

As this was the first 11.0.1 server we had running the "fix" was to revert back to 10.0.1 FP2 (in understanding with HCL support) to get a running system again.

The suggested upgrade fix, was to rename the jvm folder and then run the upgrade again. This time it worked. And I could reapply the custom jvm\ext\lib needed.

Subsequently I chose to rename the jvm folder before upgrading on all the remaining servers, some I did upgrade to 11.0.1 FP1 in one go and had no issues at all. Others ,the first ones that was upgraded to 11.0.1, I have just finished upgrading to FP1 without any issues and without needing to rename the jvm folder first.

I think that the safest way of doing an upgrade to 11.0.1 would be to rename the jvm folder before running the 11.0.1 installer. Remember to check if your server has custom jvm libs/settings that need to be reapplied. Copy as little as possible from the old jvm folder or you might damage something.