Friday, March 27, 2020

Defrag.NSF+ Multi-stage Mode

Left unchecked, Domino servers will invariably suffer from heavy fragmentation of not only the nsf files, but also the volume freespace as seen by the Operating System. Sometimes due to the free-space fragmentation some databases may not be completely defragmented if they are larger than the largest available free-space chunk. Heavily fragmented freespace can also cause DBMT to create a lot of additional and unnecessary nsf fragmentation when it is processing the databases, this obviously contributes to the problem and greatly reduces the inherent benefits of using DBMT. This is not an issue for Defrag.NSF+ because we designed it with multiple, custom defrag engines which are automatically and seamlessly switched on-the-fly to deal specifically with this situation.

Preemptive call this Defrag.NSF+ "Multi-stage" Mode

Multi-Stage Optimization – Defrag.NSF+ uses it's multiple defragging engines to seamlessly toggle between file level and volume level defrag methods as required when dealing with difficult nsf files. Using this feature allows Defrag.NSF+ to deal with insufficient freespace issues intelligently and on-the-fly. When confronted with a file larger than the largest available freespace chunk, Defrag.NSF+ will auto-toggle over to a full Volume Freespace Consolidation and proceed in that mode until the required amount of contiguous free-space has been assembled to allow effective defragging of the file in question.

Defrag.NSF+ will then intelligently switch back to nsf file-level processing.

Defrag.NSF+ can also be scheduled to performed a dedicated full volume consolidation, this can be configured as a "one-off" or as a "repeat" job, any time that suits your environment on any day of the week.

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