Friday, August 10, 2018

How to set DDO to just Defrag

Amongst the vast array of DDO's features is the ability to analyse and defrag the nsf files using the integrated power of Defrag.NSF. Here's how to tap into that functionality if you just want exclusive scheduled defragging maintenance.

1. On the Schedule tab configure your desired schedule and set the DBMT Updall and DBMT Compact thread allocation to 0:

2. On the Stage 3 Optimization tab set a Selection Method to target databases for defragging:

Now when DDO runs on schedule the DBMT component of maintenance will be skipped and DDO will go straight into defragging the nsf files:

The Health Report summary view indicates the fragmentation rating has improved from Poor to Excellent:

With Domino V10 coming soon it's time to get on board with DDO to optimize Domino now and into the future. Learn more about DDO at

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