Monday, November 20, 2017

Get those Domino System Databases back in shape with Defrag.NSF

We often see Domino servers with bloated System databases that never seem to get compacted/maintained (you know the ones.... log.nsf, etc) because.....well it's just always been a hassle for many admins to shut down and manually do it. As a result, these databases are missing out on some much needed maintenance and can get pretty huge and often respond sluggishly when they do need to be opened. Usually with many GB of disk space trapped inside they are just wasting disk space too, it all adds up costing time and money, not to mention it can be aggravating for admins or users when they do need to work with these databases and again watch the spinny thing go around upon trying to open one.

By customer request a new feature in Defrag.NSF makes it so easy to apply best practice maintenance, get these back to a manageable size and give Domino a nice scheduled "Health Restart".

Now Defrag.NSF makes this as simple as ticking a few boxes, set and forget, and if this is scheduled once a week the difference it makes to Domino is quite amazing.

During this phase of scheduled maintenance Defrag.NSF integrates with Domino's own maintenance processes by using Compact Replication on the System Databases (and other databases you might want to add) with the Domino server up and running and therefore minimizing down-time, a -Restart is then initiated to complete the rename process.

We see below the system databases are compacted and upon restart the rename process is completed:

Learn more about Defrag.NSF or take it for a free trial here.

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