Monday, March 20, 2017

The easiest way to enable Feature Pack 8 View Separation

In this 2 minute video, we will show how to use DDO to:

- Enable Feature Pack 8 View Separation (NIFNSF) with a single selection
- Direct the View NDX files into their own directory
- Schedule View Separation for all Mail 9 databases
- Schedule a Domino restart at 12:05 am to enable View Separation. Just for good measure, we'll run DBMT over all the System Databases at the same time.
- Schedule DBMT to run at 2:30 am for 2 hours, during which View separation will occur on Mail 9 databases.

One more thing, once that's all done, DDO will defragment the newly optimized NSF files. Optimizing the optimized files - it's just fantastic.

Want to know more ? Why not give DDO a trial run.

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