Friday, June 24, 2016

Arriving soon.. The Domino Database Optimizer.

For the last six months we've been working on our next Domino product, The Domino Database Optimizer.

The DDO (Domino Database Optimizer) is a database-oriented utility that automates and greatly simplifies the optimization of Domino databases and their maintenance. All activities are done through an integrated control panel where tasks can be done either manually or scheduled for overnight processing.

The primary focus of the DDO is maximising the performance of your databases and the Domino server by minimising I/O. With each new release of Domino and the ODS (On-Disk Structure) upgrades to databases, IBM continues to place great emphasis on working to reduce I/O and with good reason as reducing I/O leads to improved performance for the entire system. This has a “more than the sum of it’s parts” ripple effect that manifests through the entire system in many ways, a more responsive server and improved end user experience while interacting with applications and replicas, right through to faster backup times and back-end storage efficiencies.

The Domino Database Optimizer is designed to give you less of the following, so you get ->  More performance and value:
  • Server I/O = Less
  • Compacting = Less
  • DBIID Changes = Less
  • Fragmentation = Less
  • Backup requirements = Less
  • Backup times = Less
  • Server restart time when TXN Log or Consistency Checking required = Less
  • View Rebuild times = Less
  • To-Do List items for the Administrator = Less
The Domino Database Optimizer will empower you to very easily manage, configure and continuously perform extensive best-practice database and server maintenance automatically, so you can focus on the other duties you need to attend to - just set and forget!

It's almost here...... but until it arrives please try our other optimization product that is itself integrated in the DDO.

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