Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New free tool - Domino Fragmentation Analyzer

Domino Fragmentation Analyzer

A new Free and easy to use tool that runs in a Command Prompt and will quickly analyse Domino and produce a comprehensive report of fragmented nsf files. The DFA concentrates only on analyzing nsf files and will highlight the total number of nsf files fragmented, how many fragments each of those files are in, the most fragmented nsf file and also freespace info for the drive hosting the Domino Data directory, including freespace fragments and the size of the largest fragment.

This tool will highlight performance robbing fragmentation as the Operating System hosting Domino sees it, in response to this fragmentation the Operating System generates additional I/O to deal with it, regardless of high powered back-end storage type or virtualization product, this is part of an overall system and the reported fragmentation will greatly penalise your server I/O, making Domino less responsive, increasing Backup times, and creating a weak performance link in the overall system.

Once you run the tool remember this:

"Awareness without action is worthless" - Phil McGraw.

You can download the tool from here

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