Thursday, February 26, 2015

Part 2 - How to set up Database Maintenance Tool Optimisation in 3 steps. The Results

As promised here we are checking back after our schedule has run to look at the results of our 3 step DBMT Optimisation setup which we stepped through in our previous post here:

The DBMT stats show it kicked off at our scheduled time, only 10 databases had more than 10% freespace and therefore only these required compacting according to the settings we chose on the control panel - this is a massive 92% saving in compacting work !!

From log.nsf:

As part of this maintenance process, databases are also automatically defragged. Here it is just finishing up the maintenance on the last of the databases and the TXN Log.

To help document improvements we ran Before/After Health Reports to show the results.



All that from the simple 3 step setup we showed. The benefits of using Defrag.NSF's integrated features to automate and optimise this maintenance workflow are dramatic and the savings are real.

So to re-cap, we now have these improvements for this server:

Server I/O = Less
Compacting = Less
DBIID Changes = Less
Fragmentation = Less
Backup requirements = Less
Backup times = Less
Server restart time when TXN Log or Consistency Checking required = Less
View Rebuild times = Less
To-Do List items for the Administrator = Less

Let Defrag.NSF help you save time and effort and take better control of your Domino server and Database maintenance.

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