Friday, November 7, 2014

If you're going to do it, Save money and Switch to Exchange, don't migrate!

Globally more and more customers are moving from Domino to Exchange or some other cloud based solution. The migration process typically comes at a significant cost, and requires the purchase of expensive migration tools that are then just 'thrown away' .There's a better way.

A decade ago Preemptive Consulting developed an Email Archiving Vault that can store ALL email moving within an organisation. It provides full auditing capabilities and allows end users to retrieve their own email. The Vault supports Domino email, Exchange email and SMTP email with a single data store and can serve it back to the user in a format that their current client supports. For example an Outlook user can search, find and restore a Domino email into their Outlook client.

So rather than attempting to 'migrate' millions of email messages to Exchange only to then create from day one of your migration a massive storage and search and discovery issue, our solution allows you to switch to Exchange and 'import' your old email into the Vault, leaving your new Exchange environment in pristine condition. This allows organisations to move forward knowing that users can still retrieve old email, and that new email is being automatically captured and retained. Better still, your organisation will have new capabilities and avoided wasting significant funds on purchasing soon to be irrelevant migrations tools. Additional you'll benefit from up to an 80% reduction in storage requirements.

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