Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Business Partner BlazinglyObvious to release XPages Connections clone.

New business partner "BlazinglyObvious", located in McMurdo Antarctica  has decided to release Domino XPages applications that are functionally identical to IBM's Connections product.

During the product announcement their CEO, Captain Obvious said "We've spoken to numerous Connections customers and they've told us that they're having trouble installing the product. Apparently the process of downloading 10's of GBs of files, patches and cumulative updates for multiple disparate products, assembling and installing them (with conflicting hyper-linked based instructions) is proving to be harder than the stealth marketing department had advertised. One customer even described the process as 'hard'. 

We took a close look at this and decided that maybe selecting File -> Application -> New from within Notes was easier. We've since had this belief confirmed by early adopters of the product  who were also delighted with the 2 minute installation process. They also liked the fact that the solution runs on a single server and existing Admin skills could be used. Furthermore, upgrading the software is as easy as performing a Replace Design.

Analysts  from leading research organization "HyperCurveMaximus" believe BlazinglyObvious's approach may be well received by existing Domino customers, but they are not sure how others will feel about it.  They said "This approach worked well in the 80's  but it is unclear if it is compatible with the industry's current Rip and Replace strategies and the general quest for increased complexity while simultaneously providing less functionality at maximum cost".  HyperCurveMaximus also felt it was unclear how this will help drive new services sales or force people to the cloud. Only time will tell.

BlazinglyObvious's xPages Connections will be available on the 34th of Octember, 2014.


belgort said...

XPages and not xPages :-)

Adam Osborne said...

Thanks Bruce, I fixed it up. Cheers.

Ginni said...

Do you need re sellers after 2015?

Unknown said...

Where is the BP website? Where we can get more infor? Thanks,