Friday, March 1, 2013

Adding a World clock to iNotes for your traveling users

Here's how to configure a handy World Clock widget for inotes. You can allow users to create their own widgets but here we are just setting a widget that will be available to all inotes users on a particular server and cannot be removed by the users.

First if you haven't already done so, you would need to enable widgets in inotes by checking the following mail policy setting on the Lotus iNotes -> Configuration tab of a Mail policy settings document:

Now the "Widgets" folder will be available in iNotes.

On the server, navigate to the Domino\data\domino\html folder and locate the inotes_config.xml.template and make a copy of this file and paste it on the server desktop.

Open the copy with a text editor and delete the sample widgets (highlighted here)

Copy the following code to the file and save the file.

Rename the file to inotes_config.xml and place it back into the Domino\data\domino\html folder.

At the server console restart the http task using the command restart task http

Now when users log into iNotes they have a very handy World Clock widget.

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