Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to run the Domino console on any Windows PC - even one without Notes installed.

This tip may be useful to varying degrees, but it does help demonstrate some of the flexibility of jconsole. Once you have Domino running under the Controller you don't even need a Notes install to view the Domino console and send commands from any workstation on the network. 

To do this you need prepare the following.

-  Set your servers to run under the Controller as described in the previous tips Blog.

-  Locate the following files in your Notes Admin client program files directory and copy them into a directory on a USB key.
  • dconsole.jar
  • jconsole.exe
  • The jvm directory (including sub directories)

Now you can plug this USB key into any handy workstation and double click "jconsole.exe" 

The console will start up, select  File -> Open Server

Enter the FQDN or IP Address of the Domino server you wish to connect to, your username and internet password.

You can add more servers and be connected to all of them at the same time if you wish, then you can switch quickly between the console views. A Lightning Bolt icon shows currently connected servers.

Click File -> Exit when finished using the console. Remove USB Key.

Another tip: Of course, if you just want to run it from your Notes Inbox you can create a bookmark for jconsole by dragging the icon into your Notes Client bookmark bar and just run it from there.

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