Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Only a few days left.

Thanks everybody for the positive response to our "Great Defrag Trade-In" month.

There's just few days left to take up the Trade-In offer, so act now, invest just $50 from your IT budget into the performance of your Domino Servers and Backups and trade-up to Defrag.NSF, a fully supported, full function, integrated Domino utility.

Don't be misled by the imitators -  this is the real deal. A fully supported, full function product for $50.

Defrag.NSF has a number of great features, here's just some of the features we think you will really like:
  • Easy to install, it's a Notes database! (Nothing to download! Nothing to edit! - and it's fully supported!)
  • A completely new defragmentation engine that can defrag multi-gigabyte databases in seconds.
  • The ability to defrag databases where there is very little freespace.
  • A new multi-stage defragmentation process that automatically switches between file and volume level defragmentation when required.
  • Freespace consolidation.
  • Integration into the Defrag.NSF Enterprise Console (available on request) for widespread 1-click deployment, mail-in reporting and upgrade automation.
  • 1-click generation of Freespace reports showing the largest contiguous Freespace area on all your drives.
  • Enhanced integrated scheduling options.   
  • Analysing existing database fragmentation.
  • Automatic tagging of databases for defragmentation.
  • The integrated ability to perform Fixup and Compact operations prior to defragmentation.
  • The ability to analyse, automatically monitor and add free space into a database to help reduce future fragmentation.
  • Perform all the above tasks from the familiar Domino Administrator Client user interface.

Go to our website, select the "Trade-In" option and tell us what you're trading-in.
Register for a copy of Defrag.NSF put it through it's paces for a month, compare it to what you are using, the $50 Trade-In offer is literally a No-Brainer!


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