Monday, July 30, 2012

How Add a Domino Console button to your Notes Toolbar

Here's how to create a very handy Domino Console button in your Notes client Toolbar.

Click File,  Preferences
Expand the Toolbar section and click Customize
Click "New" Button

 Click the "Commands and Functions" Button

 Select the "Commands" Radio Button

 Select "AdminRemoteConsole" from the list and click the "Paste" button

Give the new button a name in the "Button caption text" field. Click the "Change Icon" button


 Choose an icon from the list and click OK

 Click OK

The icon will now be displayed in your Toolbar contents pane. Click Save Toolbar

Click your new button, choose which server you want to connect to from the drop down list and select "Live Console" to display that servers console messages and send commands


Keith Brooks said...

It is more than a button, it is the mini console. Thanks for sharing another great admin tip.

BigBearFreddy said...

you might want to take a took at Chris's QuickAdmin Smarticon code:

There's on wee little error: you'll need to add a colon (:) after the second code line, the one that reads:
"Register user".

Unknown said...

You know you can just put the formula in the subject line of a new mail message, and press shift-F9 ?


---* Bill

IdoNotes said...

Thanks @BigBearFreddy, didn't know I was missing a colon in the code when I put that up back in 2005! LOL I can go fix the posting

Adam Osborne said...

Formula in subject how crazy is that.

I'd rather press the button max ->