Monday, December 5, 2011

NEW - Defrag.NSF for Notes

Later this week we are finally going to release a new Defrag.NSF family member for the Notes Client.

"Defrag.NSF for Notes" is a Notes client addin that automatically defragments your Notes Program and Data directory shortly after the client starts. It will also periodically check and if the files have re-fragmented it will put them back into shape. A nice solution for an age old problem.

Here are some answers to questions we think people may have:

How much will Defrag.NSF for Notes cost ?It will be FREE for all licensed users of Defrag.NSF (our Domino Server product)

I have 20,000 clients can I install it on all those machines ?Yes, as long as you have an active Defrag.NSF (for Domino) license.

Will it make much difference to my Notes client startup times ?If fragmentation is slowing your client, then this will absolutely help. You should also note the IBM does recommend defragmenting your drive for optimal performance after a Notes Install.

Do I need to download any other third party software to make this work ?No. All the components are included.

How do I install it ?It is a simple MSI you need to run. You need admin privileges to install it. This can be scripted.

Will it work when a user is logged on with limited privileges ?Yes.

Can I continue to use Defrag.NSF without an active Defrag.NSF licenese ?No. If you don't have an active Defrag.NSF license you need to uninstall and stop using Defrag.NSF for Notes.

Does the product require a license key ?No. We trust you will do the right thing.

Why wouldn't I just use a Windows Defragger ?You have the choice. Defrag.NSF for Notes only defrags files related to Notes, so it is super quick and helps ensure you have a responsive Notes Client.

Can I schedule when Defrag.NSF runs ?Not in the initial release. This is a set and forget product.

Where do I get support for Defrag.NSF for Notes ?Since this is a free product, support will  be Internet based and conducted on this Google group
Contact Preemptive Consulting directly if you want paid Enterprise support.

Let me know if you think I have missed anything.

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Martybucko said...

Hi Adam, nice work, this is such a cool tool - Marty