Friday, July 1, 2011

The Lotus Zombie.

The Lotus Zombie.

It could be dead, but it still feels alive.

The Lotus Zombie lives in a strange World, where double talk is normal and the truth is rarely spoken out loud.

The Lotus Zombie feels uncomfortable that organisations spend tens of millions of dollars implementing new email systems when they already have a perfectly good one. One they tend to keep for other things after the spend. It happens every day. The same organisations then complain, increase fares, hike premiums, reduce flights and cut staff. The same agencies say they have no money for the sick, homeless or unemployed.

This makes the Lotus Zombie angry - but apparently no one else cares.

The Lotus Zombie is told this is done for efficiency purposes, but wonders why any organisation would want to be less efficient!. Efficiency is the ratio of useful work divided by total work done. The output is always less, so how is this more?

The Lotus Zombie is told it is part of Modernisation, but is confused to why organisations continue to use ancient versions of the software. What have IT Departments and outsourcers been doing all these years? It is not that hard to upgrade.

The Lotus Zombie knows what Domino can do, but is bewildered that a profession based on logic, treats ignorance as an asset.

The Lotus Zombie likes to "make things as simple as possible, but not simpler", and struggles to understand why IBM is hell bent on overly complicating things.

The Lotus Zombie wonders how services companies are going to make money once everything is in the cloud.

I feel like I'm a Lotus Zombie this week. Does anyone else ?


Anonymous said...

I feel like a zombie the last year. I haven't had a MS brain for months...

Brendan Long said...

I think that's the way I might be seen by a fair number in my organisation. Fortunately I've managed to keep the MicroSoft undertakers at bay for a while longer.

This Lotus Zombie figures that anybody who thinks they will get business value out of migrating their email platform has probably had their brains eaten already!