Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Query for the ID Vault Experts out there !

ID Vault Challenge question !

If the Administration Process is used to recertify a user with a vaulted ID file, do the certificates in the user's ID file held in the vault get updated automatically with the new certificates or is interaction with the Notes client still required?

For example, if the user does not log on and authenticate with the server until after the certificate expiry on the local ID file, will the ID in the Vault contain the new certificates and allow authentication if the expired local ID is deleted?

Comments please.


Adam Osborne said...

We figured it out... it does exactly what we have come to expect.

johnm said...

What did you figure out ? I have a simialr problem here. Also I am recvonfiguring them on another machine. I have users who have expired ids ( and hence expired in the vault). I recertify the ids, but when I install/configure the user on the new workstation, it still says that the id has expired, which suggests the new certificates are elsewhere ( porbably NAB ) but cant access the server since the id is expired to update it ? Confused ? Thanks

johnm said...

the only thing that I find that works is to create the id again and everything works fine - but I know this is not the way to go !