Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Here - Defrag.NSF V2, a good thing just got a whole lot better.

After a year of development we are pleased to announce Defrag.NSF Version 2 is now available!!

This release has some amazing new features that we're sure you'll like, these include:

  • Still easy to install, it's a Notes database! (nothing to download, nothing to edit - and it's fully supported!)
  • A completely new defragmentation engine that can defrag multi-gigabyte databases in seconds.
  • The ability to defrag databases where there is very little freespace.
  • A new multi-stage defragmentation process that automatically switches between file and volume level defragmentation when required.
  • Freespace consolidation.
  • Integration into the Defrag.NSF Enterprise Console (available on request) for widespread 1-click deployment, mail-in reporting and upgrade automation.
  • 1-click generation of Freespace reports showing the largest contiguous Freespace area on your disks.
  • Enhanced integrated scheduling options.
  • Perform all the above tasks from the familiar Domino Administrator Client user interface.

Try it for your self by registering for a free fully supported trial


NotesSensei said...

Does Defrag.NSF v2 come with a client side engine too?

Adam Osborne said...

I sure does... more on that tomorrow.