Friday, October 29, 2010

Defrag.NSF V2 - Multi-stage Mode

As noted in our previous blog articles, sometimes due to the free-space fragmentation on a drive, certain large databases may not be completely defragmented if they are larger than the largest free-space chunk. This is not an issue for Defrag.NSF V2 because it utilises multiple defrag engines which can be automatically switched "on-the-fly" for the job at hand.

A dedicated "one-off" full volume consolidation can be one possible answer here, and this is the approach a less sophisticated product will require, and Defrag.NSF can be configured to use that approach if desired, but there is also a better way.

Enter Defrag.NSF "Multi-stage" Mode

Enabling the “Multi-stage” Mode will allow Defrag.NSF to use it's multiple defragging engines to seamlessly toggle between file level and volume level defrag methods as required when dealing with difficult files. Using this feature allows Defrag.NSF to deal with insufficient freespace issues intelligently and on-the-fly.

When confronted with a file larger than the largest available freespace chunk, Defrag.NSF auto-toggle over to a full Volume Freespace Consolidation and proceed in that mode until the required amount of contiguous free-space has been assembled to allow effective defragging of the file in question. Defrag.NSF will then intelligently switch back to file-level processing.

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Defrag.NSF V2 - coming soon, the most intelligent, innovative and effective Domino specific defrag tool EVER!

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