Friday, July 23, 2010

File fragmentation of 98% appears to be common

I've just done some sampling on a number of Domino 8.5.1 servers that have not be defragmented since they were build (2+ years) and it appear that 98% file fragmentation is rather common.

Further proof that when left to its own, NTFS and Domino can make a rather nasty mess.

So if you have never done a Defrag, startup the Windows defragmentation tool, point it to your Domino data volume and run an analyse. Let me know what you find.

If it is a nasty mess, give Defrag.NSF a try.


Anonymous said...

We use a SAN, so it is fragmented by design ;-)

Anonymous said...


This (SAN) is an often stated reason for not defragmenting, but it is ignoring the fact that your Operating System is not "SAN aware". The fact is that if the Operating System believes that the data is fragmented it will issue Split I/O requests to retrieve the data and this is costly and takes time. If the Operating System considers the data to be contiguous these costly Split I/O requests will be avoided, regardless of the SAN. Less I/O is ALWAYS better!

Hopefully Adam can chime in here and add more detail.