Thursday, July 29, 2010

A closer look at Smart File Defragmentation

In my previous blog post I mentioned the "Freespace Consolidation" and "Smart File Defragmentation" components in Defrag.NSF V2. So, how smart is Defrag.NSF V2 and what will the end result differences be when comparing the kind of intelligent strategic file placement Defrag.NSF V2 uses, compared to simply using a freely available tool like contig.exe?

We demonstrate this in the pics below, the difference is in fact quite remarkable in the final result, between each of these runs the server was restored back to the same fragmented starting point each time.

Remember when viewing these pictures that:

- Red bars are bad.
- Small Blue bars are good.
- Large Blue bars are great
- Large White bars are what we are after along with Large Blue bars.

Comment - So in the beginning the volume is a mess.

Figure 2 - After contig.exe has completed its run.

Comment: Files are nicely defragged, but freespace is a mess. New new large files will fragment.

Figure 3 - After Defrag.NSF V2 completed in "Fast" mode.

Comment: File are nicely defragged and freespace is very usable.

Figure 4 - After Defrag.NSF V2 completed "Freespace Consolidation" mode

Comment: Perfect ! Please note small sliver of white space is actually the MFT !

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