Wednesday, March 3, 2010


While you can try the MAKE_DOMINO_BACKUPS_GO_FASTER=1 setting to punch your Domino backups through quicker, it's guaranteed you'll be disappointed with the resulting improvement. Domino administrators everywhere are finding the best solution to this issue is to simply schedule Defrag.NSF to run each night before the scheduled backup time to ensure the fastest possible transfer of data from Domino to the backup media.

Schedule a Defrag.NSF start time for each day:

If desired also schedule a Defrag.NSF shutdown time for each day:

Here's a sample before/after scenario obtained from one of our customers backup logs. This sample is the result of using the Defrag.NSF scheduling interface in the Domino Administrator client to configure Defrag.NSF to run on the server in question each night for a few nights while the administrator was at home. "Data throughput rate" results were then obtained from the backup logs. An improvement of what equates to 12Gig per hour extra data pushed across to the backup media is the kind of result any Domino administrator or Backup administrator would like to see.

Before Defrag.NSF:

After Defrag,NSF:

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Would that make a difference on a unix server?