Friday, May 8, 2009

Windows Terminal Server and Notes 8.5 Basic ?


One of our customers has gone down the WTS road and we've been asked about Notes 8.5 running on it. All the IBM documentation says not to do it, but I wonder if Notes 8.5 Basic will work. Has anyone tried it ? and can you offer some tips ?

I would hate to lose this account to Outlook because of this issue.


Albert Buendia said...

Adam. Yes !! It's possible and runs perfectly. I have one windows terminal server with multiple Notes 7.x. instances. No issues from 5 years ago. You can read here how to deploy -->
I supose it will work with notes 8.5 basic. It's easy to try.

Mark Hughes said...

Works fine, i wouldn't try the standard client though

Anonymous said...

I running Notes 8.5 Basic/Standard (mix) on an WTS 2003 R3 (32-Bit) with multi-language support since several weeks in production and did not see any bigger problems. Of course the Standard client consumes much more ressources. A good introduction how to install it is the last performance observation paper coming from IBM (just search for a link).

Peter Meuser (

Anonymous said...

In case anyone else is trying to run 8.5 on terminal server / remote desktop (2003)...

I found some instructions on Gregg Eldred's site ( which worked well for us (instructions copied below). We're using the 8.5 basic client.

1) After installing 8.5, search for notes.ini - it should not appear in the windows folder. Delete it if you found it there.

2) The notes.ini file should appear in c:\documents and settings\All users\application data\lotus\notes\data\ and the content in it should be: (please note the actual path should be according to your environment)

SharedDataDirectory=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data\Shared

3) edit the following registry entries:
[HKLM\Software\Lotus\Notes\DataPath] Remove the value.
[HKLM\Software\Lotus\Notes\MultiUser] Change the value from 0 to 1.
[HKLM\Software\Lotus\Notes\8.0\DataPath] Remove the value.
[HKLM\Software\Lotus\Notes\8.0\MultiUser] Change the value from 0 to 1.

Hope that helps someone!
GL - Glasgow