Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It’s the best version of Notes ever. But do they know?

8.02 is the best release of Notes IBM has ever put together. It is the first release of the Eclipse client with performance. It’s a pleasure to use and has features to burn. 8.5 is going to amp this up even further.

I’d like to see IBM place Notes 8 posters in every major airport in the World. Take a leaf out of Apple’s play book, talk about the lack of viruses, better ROI, how cool it is and how much it can save them. The new Symphony editors are so easy to use.

IBM’s got a fantastic product, it's time to tell the business communities.

Please no more stealth marketing, or silly ads with people wearing glasses from the 60's.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

I havent tried it yet myself but as a Notes fanboy it is likely I will agree.

That said, I seriously suggest you check out the google ads above your post which are telling me to migrate to Sharepoint whereas you are asking IBM to up its marketing game. And yes I know you have no control who places a Google Ad.

Oh the irony!

Adam Osborne said...

@1, what are the odds?