Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lotus Fusion - tell IBM Australia Now

I think the planning process for Fusion is underway, so if you think it is a good idea, tell IBM Australia now. 


JYR said...
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JYR said...

I was wondering what was Lotus Fusion...It's a new product?

No :-))

good luck with the "possible" event in your area!


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Looks like a furfy buddy.
As soon as I saw your post, I made some enquiries myself.

The only "official" response I could get out of anyone at IBM was the following...

Hey Terry,

Well, it's going to be a far cry different from Lotus Fusion!! We are looking at being included in a technical conference. See below. Nothing has been sorted or advertised.. There are a few of us Loti trying really hard to get it to happen, just doesn't look like it will to the extent that it once was. It will be held in Sydney...

IBM Education
IBM Portal & Collaboration Technical Conference
16 - 19th September, Sydney.

This conference will explore current and emerging technologies as well as provide you new opportunities to interact with product experts and understand the innovations delivered with the last collaboration and portal

Geez, I sure wish they'd bring it back!

It was an excellent event that allowed us to network with LOCAL (national) Lotus developers/admins, and hear from both local and foreign experts alike.

Many of us run smaller consultancies that can no longer afford the costly trip over to Orlando (saying that, I couldn't miss L'sphere 2008!), and really benefit from the energy and momentum that a local, Lotus-focussed (NOT focussed on all four brands!) conference generates.

PLEASE LOTUS - Bring it back!!