Monday, February 25, 2008

Got more than 480 Domino Servers ?

I regularly work on a site that has over 480 Domino servers and it got me thinking, how many sites out there would have more ? Does yours?


Anonymous said...

A client of mine had more than 650 for 95 000 users.

Keith Brooks said...

Years ago, Bankers Trust, now Deutsche Bank, we had 100's, production and backup, no idea what is there today, especially since their changes over the years.

Anonymous said...

IBM has ~300 mail servers and ~430 application servers

Mika Heinonen said...

My general feeling is that if you have over 30 servers, you are doing something wrong :)

Buy an IBM System p 570, and upgrade it up to 16x Power6, it should be able to handle over 600 Intel servers and even more. And if not, buy a 2nd one.

And the amazing thing is, it's much cheaper than maintaining those 600 Intel servers.

NotesTracker - Tony Austin said...

Aha. Now we move into the discussion of "centralized versus distributed" servers. There are arguments both ways, and it can be highly dependent on the nature of each organization and how they wish/need to operate (such as, autonomous servers versus "all your eggs in the one basket") and this debate can rage on forever! Anyhow, I
d have recommended a System i (rather than System p) -- or are they called just "p" and "i" starting from a week or two ago? Or maybe even a "z" (System z), since IBM has a campaign to raise interest in its heavy-hitting mainframe range. But whatever, Mika's point is well worth considering. Cheers, Tony Austin.